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It's the most wonderful time of the year!
Why not get your partner something they really want? A smokin' hot album of the greatest gift in their life! You of course!

No partner? Pffft treat yourself, girl! Every woman deserves to feel sexy and unstoppable. Nothing like an album to remind yourself who the F you are when you're feeling down. 

Shoots include:

  • 50 minutes of studio time in the
    historic pioneer square loft known
    as The Banana Stand.

  • Hair & makeup is an add on, in case you want to glam yourself. 

  • Free mimosas! Non-alcoholic options available too!

  • Gift albums and prints available to add on with an exclusive day-of discount

  • Full sized albums of 40+ gorgeous edited images that you can download, share and print anywhere you want!

    *Free stocking stuffer mini album to anyone that refers a friend!


The Boudoir Event 


  1. Avoid self tanner. Blotches and streaks will show up in photos. If you want to get a little more bronzed, get a professional spray tan. 

  2. Get your nails and toes done! Or if that's not your style, make sure your nails are clean, clipped & free of chips!

  3. Try on all of your outfits before your shoot. Make sure to pick things you feel sexy af in & that compliment your favorite assets. 

  4. Bring lots of options! Best to be over prepared with outfits, props and accessories. 

  5. If you are a hair removing lady, wax, don't shave! an inflamed bikini line will definitely kill your vibe. 

  6. bring extra gloss, lipstick and lotion for touch ups!

  7. Wear comfy clothes that zip or button up so you don't mess up your hair & makeup!

See you there!