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Hacking the Hashtag

Niche markets are more popular than ever these days & with the current state of the world, internet and influencer marketing is the thing holding many businesses together. If you're wondering how to tap into your niche, assuming you've narrowed it down, hashtags are the way to do it. Not all hashtags are created equal. It seems counterintuitive to use a hashtag with less uses, but that's what you'll need to do. Aim for hashtags with anywhere between 100-5000 uses, with a few 20k hashtags sprinkled in. The reason you'll want to do it this way, is because you'll be far more likely to get seen by the RIGHT people. The people interested in the specific thing you're talking about. If you hashtag something generic like #starbucks or #fashion, you'll get lost in an avalanche of spammy posts. If you hashtag something more niche, for example #doubletallcinnamondulcelatte or #urbanoutfittersromper, you'll get seen by about 1000 people who also used that tag. If your photo is great and your caption engages, you'll get some followers! The more specific to your target audience, the better. Sure, you'll want to use hashtags specific to your post, but also use a lot of hashtags targeted to your following. For example: My followers might be interested in things related to entrepreneurship, self improvement or fashion. I'll hashtag a post with these key topics, regardless of whether or not they are related to my specific post. In general, the following I want will be more likely to see my posts and follow me. Happy hashtagging! If you found this helpful & want to do a deep dive, my ebook is jam packed with info & if implemented correctly, is guaranteed to get you 100 followers today.

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