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5 pieces, 9 looks for an easy month of posts!

I could totally call this capsule wardrobe inspo for spring, too! Because isn't that kind of what this is? I don't know. But! If you are planning a branding shoot and you don't want to pack your entire closet and shoot for hours and hours, this is for you. When I shoot for my own instagram, I bring five outfits. I take five photos of each outfit. That's enough for me + reels to have a nice, full and varied feed. I tried to do the most with the fewest items in this challenge! You can take three photos in each and have enough for almost every day in a month, or you can pick five looks from this example to take five images with! I'm just here to provide options, mmmk? Here we go! The first thing you'll want to do is decide on a pallet! Often your closet will already have items that match your brand, because you probably really LIKE the colors you've committed to branding yourself with. But if not, go shopping baby! (and this is bad but I'm keeping it real over here) If you do not have the dolla dolla billz to invest in clothes right now, you will not be wearing these items much longer than you would in a fitting room. Tuck in the tags, get your photos and return them. Obviously not the most ideal, but we all start somewhere. Sorry not sorry. For this example I'm using this pallet:

I have an eye catching pop of mustard yellow, a polka dotted, sea foam green dress & neutrals! Remember, denim is a neutral and so is leather. Throw your ideas of not being able to mix blue and black or brown and black out the window. You can if you do it right.

LOOK ONE: For the first look, we're gonna just do the green dress as is with the hat. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Three to five pictures. Try to get close up and wide shots in different areas as well as poses.

LOOK TWO: Easiest ever. toss a band tee over the top, knot it and voila!

LOOK THREE: This one is a little tricky, but I'll show you how in my instagram reel. Take the maxi dress and knot it around your waist. Now you've got a mini skirt! Keep the band tee, add the hat and add a neutral Moto jacket!

LOOK FOUR: same look, but swap jackets. Boom. LOOK FIVE: Look five & six are kinda lazy, but who cares! Lazy means easy and we like easy! Remove all layers. Rock the knotted dress!

LOOK SIX: Put the yellow coat back on, button it up. Bold and simple. You got another look, toots.

LOOK SEVEN: Lose the coat, throw on some jeans, your band tee & the hat!

LOOK EIGHT: Who says you can't flip your tee shirt around for a picture? Now you've got a plain black tee. Add the Moto jacket? Chef's kiss.

LOOK NINE: You know what I'm up to by now. Switch the jacket. Pose with it open and your hands in your pockets. The way you pose in each look will really add to the look of a varying wardrobe. & that's the way I do it! NOW--- if you'd like a free download feed planner and an easy guide on how to take these photos in a quick, organized manner AND how to organize them into your feed for the month - sign up for my email list! This week I'm sending out just that! Also, you'll get access to exclusive downloads and monthly discounts! Secret mini events? Uhh ok!

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