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How to Turn Instagram Followers Into Paying Customers


So you only have like 100 followers. You're spending hours a day trying to follow & unfollow your way up the ladder. How could you possibly make money without thousands of followers? Who's even seeing you? Slow down turbo. Yes, the more eyes on your brand, the better, but it's not just about numbers! You'll be relieved to know, when it comes to making sales and getting clients, it's a total quality over quantity game. Imagine all of your followers in a room. You're on stage & they're all sitting and waiting to hear what you have to share. If you have 300 followers, those are 300 people who's interest you've piqued! Their eyes are on you. You've got the mic. So what are you going to give them to hold their attention & turn it into a sale. 1. GIVE, GIVE, GIVE, ASK. Don't be a sleazy frat boy. Don't invite your date over to netflix and chill without taking her out to dinner a few times and getting to know her first. Don't use your platform to sell sell sell. Before you sell, you need to build trust and show value. Follow the "give, give, give, ask" rule. 75% of your content should be giving value. Your followers will think "if this is what I'm getting for free regularly, what will I get when I actually invest?!" Value can be information, friendly engagement, freebies or inspiration. Most of the time think of how you can serve your people. Then every once in a while, offer them services! 2. BE CLEAR ABOUT WHAT YOU SELL. If you walked into a restaurant & sat down at your table and no one brought you a menu, what would you do? You'd probably eventually leave and go somewhere with decent service. Make sure your website and contact information is very easy to find. Make sure your services are plainly stated in your bio: "Seattle Wedding Photographer, Chicago Custom Cakes, Salt Lake City Calligrapher." 25% of your posts should clearly state something about your services or offerings. 3. CONNECT AS YOURSELF. You are your brand. Say it loud for the people in the back! People are on social networking sites because they are looking to connect with people. They are going to WANT to invest in your product or service because they like YOU. There are thousands of people doing exactly what you're doing on instagram. YOU are the thing that will set your business apart. People will get to know you, like you and trust you. That's what will get them to keep coming back and keep sending leads your way. Engage with your followers. Respond to their stories. Become their friend. It will pay off! In more ways than one! 4. STAY CONSISTENT Post every day. No excuses. People need to be constantly reminded of your existence. The more regularly you show up, the more your followers will be thinking of you. They'll be mindlessly scrolling & come across your post and think "oh yeah, I guess I could send my mom a dozen cupcakes for her birthday this year." Or "I've been wanting to treat myself... OOH! These handmade earrings will do the trick!" 5. BATCH CONTENT I know what you're thinking. You're running a business! How are you supposed to also be up on instagram all day, taking pictures and coming up with posts ideas? Batch it out! that means shoot all of your content on one day each month or once every other week. Get in the habit of creating your posts in advance. That way you never have to scramble or waste time and you'll keep your consistency with ease.

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