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Finally. What works and what doesn't.

Everything AND the kitchen sink.
Instagram strategy that turns your followers into your customers and die hard fans. 

Learn what works and what doesn't. Turn your followers into customers that are excited about your services enough to share with their personal networks!

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  • Not Your Girl Boss
    Not Your Girl Boss
    January 6th
    January 6th
    Seattle, Seattle, WA, USA
    January 6th
    Seattle, Seattle, WA, USA
    An anti-hustle culture masterclass in personal branding, social media strategy, confidence & mindset. Finally learn what works and what doesn't. Connect with your dream clients. Grow your following. Turn your followers into customers and cultivate a natural word-of-mouth selling machine!


What's Included


Creating your dream client magnet. 

Learn who your dream client is, how to speak their language and become irresistible to them. 


Personal brand diagnostic

You are your brand. Translate you, your personal aesthetic and your "why" into your visual brand. 


Followers -> Customers -> Lead Generators 

How to harness the power of "know, like and trust" Turn your followers into customers and then into your enthusiastic lead generators. 


Photo School

How to light, compose and pose photos like a professional photographer. No professional camera needed. Learn the tricks and have an studio guided shoot out. 


Video School

Learn how to reel, IGTV & Story. Lighting, planning and posing tips followed by in studio shooting. 


Feed Planning

Learn how to shoot a month of content in just a few hours. Stay present on Social Media without devoting every minute to it. 


Numbers and Financial Goals

Financial strategy for people who hate numbers. Learn how to strategically post & network to bring your financial goal to fruition. 


Growth Hacks That Actually Work

Grow your network with the right demographic consistently. Procrastination blaster for creatives. 

Plus All these bonuses!

  • 8 video modules to reference later

  • 30 page workbook

  • Weekly printable strategy planner

  • The Feed Planner

  • 80 Story Prompts

  • The Posing Guide

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