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Join the PNW Female Entrepreneurs for an evening of networking and education. 

This month we'll be hosting guest educator Sophie Dalton. Learn how to use your sexual energy as a compass for your passion & your business. 

Developing your sexual empowerment is the missing link in female entrepreneurship and we're about to dive right in!

{Your pleasure is your guide
-joy is your intuition in action
-you'll be intrinsically energized, cut through overwhelm, and attract ideal clients

{Your goals should TURN YOU ON
-orgasm manifestation
-Yoni eggs
-when you follow your pleasure, your business becomes a reflection of your soul. 

{Sex is a metaphor for the rest of your life
-Just like in sex, your business needs to be an exchange of pleasure. 
-In order to be profitable, how can you find a connection between where your pleasure is and where you can deliver pleasure to someone else. 

{Truly soulful sex in entering the situation asking how you can serve, but being equally wide open to receiving. 


Guest Educator: Sophie Dalton
Business Coach & Personal Branding Strategist
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