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Complete Social Media Management

Ever wish you could clone yourself so you could run a business AND have an active, on-brand social media presence? The kind that your target customer finds irresistible and deeply connected to? In 2021, a strong social media presence is more important than ever. 63% percent of shoppers worldwide begin their shopping experience online. More than half of today's consumers are shopping from their mobile devices. 
But how are you supposed to dedicate time to an active, polished presence on social media when you have a business or company to run? We all know that when we have our spoons in too many pots, scrambling to do it all at once, we end up with a lot of sloppily done, half-hearted attempts. 

The answer is outsourcing. And I mean all of it. So you can get back to business. 


Visual Brand Discovery Session

In your discovery session, I'll  lead you through a series of questions and exercises to unearth your visual brand story. Later, this will become the foundation of our custom created content and brand voice. 


Mood Boards

Based on the detailed information from your brand discovery session, I will make two to three mood boards for you to choose from. Together, we can fine tune the visuals and get crystal clear on your messaging. This will enable my team to create a vision and strategy magnetic to your target client!


Photoshoot / Create Content

On photo shoot day we will spend a day in one of my studios, or a location chosen by your team. We will batch photography and video content for use throughout the month. Additionally, you will have full access and rights to edited outtakes for any of your promotional needs beyond social media.


Plugging It All In

Your content will be arranged into a calendar and paired with an engaging caption and hashtags from our custom curated hashtag list. After your team's approval, we'll put the plan into action! Fresh, dynamic, engaging content posted daily!

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NEW! Tiktok/Reel Content Creation & Batching!


In 2022, video content is top priority! Coming up with a new idea to film and post every single day is nearly impossible. So let's do it all in one fell swoop! Video content day to the rescue! We'll create it, schedule it & move on!


Let's talk!

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