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Seattle based branding
expert with an emphasis on social media strategy. Specifically lead generation & turning followers into sales! Photography queen, wedding wunderkind. 

Pink and Green Christmas Balls Retail Yo

Here’s to the dreamers. The people with the audacity to believe they were meant for something more. The cycle breakers. The people faced with limitations & barriers and chose skip right through them. These are my people.


I love nothing more than the way a person’s eyes light up when they first feel safe enough to speak about their dreams & goals. I thrive in the presence of badasses who chose to believe in themselves even when circumstances proved time and time again that they shouldn’t. The failures. Those who get back up to try again after getting their ass handed to them for the 10th time.


This is why I do what I do. The moment you decide to put down the iPhone self timer and hire an expert, magic unfolds. This step declares “I am F***ing around no more!” This is the moment you start choosing yourself and your dreams. You are investing in how you show up to the world. The best part is, This radical self love creates a ripple effect! Not only will sales start to roll in, but those keeping up with your story will be given permission to chase THEIR wildest dreams too!  Being a part of that cycle is absolutely intoxicating to me. I believe in my heart of hearts, it is what I was put on this planet to do. 



Pink and Green Christmas Balls Retail Yo

My name is Mandy Clementine. I'm a visual story teller & lover of lives lived to the fullest.

Branding photography is my favorite, but there's nothing like a good wedding, boudoir sesh, or even family session. Capturing the very things that make us human lights a fire in my heart. 

I started my photography journey with weddings in 2009! I have so much fun doing weddings. I cry behind my camera during father/daughter dances & laugh with your mom during the drunk bridesmaid speech. I take on about 10 weddings a year these days. That way I avoid burnout & I get to really love on the couples I work with. 

With branding services & photography, I love being a part of changing the trajectory of someone's life. There's a certain confidence that comes after a boss bitch photo shoot with a real photographer. It'll spill into every other aspect of your life. 

When I'm not toting around my camera gear & turning dreamers into doers, I can often be found getting my Martha Stewart Pinterest queen on & crafting up a storm. 
Painting, decorating, sewing and buying obscene amounts of throw pillows.

I have a Brady Bunch style family. I share a home with the man of my dreams & together we have three kids! I have one eight year old boy & two bonus daughters that are 4 & 7! To say I'm rich in the love department would be an understatement. 

I love goofing around with my friends. Fart jokes, obscure Austin Powers or Wedding singer references will always win me over.  
I'm obsessed with vintage anything. Nothing beats a trip to the brewery or tap room, unless the brewery trip is immediately followed by an estate sale marathon. 

If you'd like to day drink & go estate sale-ing and listen to true crime in the car, we can definitely be best friends. 

Hello Dreamers!

Pink and Green Christmas Balls Retail Yo
Pink and Green Christmas Balls Retail Yo

Instagram is kinda my thing. Come hangout with me there!

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 Photographer & Social Media Strategist