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10 Instagram Story Prompts

Updated: May 23, 2020

Instagram stories are one of the number one ways to beat the algorithm & up your engagement with your followers! There is a right & wrong way to go about 'em though. The more often you talk to your followers and make actual videos that feature you in a manner that addresses the people watching, the better! Think of your stories as your own tv show. Invite your followers into your world, one story at a time! Here are some prompts to get your wheels turning.

1. Invite a guest star! Your spouse, partner or bestie!

2. Take your followers on a house or room tour. 3. Go on a rant! 4. Do an unboxing or haul.  5. Do a mini “mukbang” eat a meal with your followers & have a little conversation over lunch or dinner.  7. Do a walkthrough of your makeup or hair care routine.  8. Give a tip about something you’re an expert in. 

9. Plan your outfit! Do a few outfits of the day & let your followers vote! 10. Share funny throw back photos and tell a story from that time in your life. Most importantly, be yourself! People want to see you being REAL and you! So give them what they want & you will be rewarded! & don't forget, you can hashtag your stories! & shrink the tags down small enough to where they don't affect the look! Ok dudes, if you found this helpful & you're hungry for more you're going to need to check out my upcoming course SIX FIGURE FEED! I will tell you exactly how to serve your existing audience and turn your followers into paying customers! & how to make that start happening NOW. I'll even give you a free e-book just for taking a peek!

This e-book is perfect if you have a small business or big plans on instagram and you're sick of your follower number not budging. I'm gonna let you snag a copy of "How YOU Can Get 100 New IG Followers Today" Click here! $10 value -- yours fo' free99!

I'm so excited for you to try it out & up your 'gram game! Comment below what your results were like after you use it!!

If you loved these prompts, you're going to die over this master list of 80 story prompts! Literally, never struggle with IG Story writer's block again! Get that HERE for $10

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