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Four Frenemies Every Girl Boss Encounters

Once you start changing your life and manifesting your goals, you will run into these four types of people. Disguised as friends, whether they mean to or not, they'll be among the biggest obstacles along the way.

1. The "Stormy Weather" Frenemy Ever heard of a fair weather friend? The kind of person that only wants to be around you during the good times, but can't handle you at your lowest? This frenemy is the exact opposite. They get a special, sweet satisfaction knowing you are the one having a hard time. On your journey to entrepreneurship, especially early on, you will go through some LOWS. You might have some top-ramen-for-dinner months. This Frenemy needs to be the one doing better. And once you start getting your shit together, finding your own happiness and fulfillment and raking in the money, this friend won't be able to take it. They'll hit the road & look for a new person in a bad place to use for their own personal, constant confidence boost.

2. The "Concerned Because I Care" Frenemy This Frenemy is often a family member. People project their own fears on to you when you share your biggest goals. It scares them for a few reasons. It scares them to consider what they could have been capable of, if only they allowed themselves out of their own comfort zone. It scares them to see you changing into a new, better, stronger version of yourself. They don't want to lose you as you are now. They'll express their "concern" any time you share your plans. They caution you to stay realistic. It's disguised as well meaning advice, but it's really naysaying, meant to plant seeds of doubt and steer you away from your path.

3. The "Harmless Teaser" Frenemy Putting yourself out there is vulnerable and scary. This frenemy pokes at your insecurities by making jokes about what you're doing and how you're showing up. They roll their eyes when you share your successes. They mock you when you post your latest instagram photos. They make you feel embarrassed and insecure. When you call them out, they treat you like you're being too sensitive. This frenemy is insecure point blank. The jokes are not harmless, they're unsupportive.

4. The "Everything is a Competition" Frenemy This frenemy may steal your ideas, your clients or leads. They do everything you do, but attempt to do it better. They constantly one up your successes and pull away when you're thriving. This is a classic symptom of lack mentality. Because they're not living in a state of abundance, they act like leads, clients and opportunities are scarce, when in fact there's enough room at the top for everyone!

These frenemies are all too common and on your path, you'll likely encounter some if not all of them. Protect your energy, be careful who you keep in your company and remember: Never take constructive criticism from someone who's never constructed anything.

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