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I am Such a Failure

I know a few of you cringed when you read that heading. Maybe a couple of you came here to reassure me. To tell me not to say things like that about myself. Some of you might be here to get the dirt! Oooh failure? Dish it honey! But what if we all reframed the way we view our failures? What if we made actually FAILING a goal? At the end of the month, I've started to tally the amount of times I got knocked on my ass. Seriously. The more tallies I can get the better. WHY am I such a glutton for punishment? Because I've learned that failures are only something that exist in a big way for people that TRY. Each time I miss my mark, I get closer to the bullseye. Each time I look stupid, I get a little braver. I get a little more comfortable with the vulnerability. It's all a numbers game. Statistically, the more chances I take, the more comfortable I get with getting it wrong, the closer I am to getting something right! 1. WALT DISNEY

Did you know he was fired from the Kansas City Star because his editor felt he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas?” 2. STEVEN KING His hit novel Carrie was rejected by 30 publishers before finally being picked up. 3. OPRAH She was fired from her first TV job. Her boss said she was "unfit for television" So JUMP & the net MIGHT catch you. Or you might fall on your face & break your nose. But you'll get stronger and wiser with every jump. And if you are brave enough to keep trying, you are going to do some cool shit.

Today I want to challenge you to take out your journal and list all of the times you failed. - List what you learned from each failure. - List five things you would not have if those attempts worked out. - List things you have now as a result of that failure. At the end of each week, tally up your failures! If you have a big number, you're on the right track baby! _________________________________________________________________________________ Business & putting myself out there is something I try to improve. I've learned through painful trial & error that social media can be the golden ticket to cultivating quality leads & turning those leads into happy, paying customers. There is a formula to making butt loads of money with your business on Instagram. It doesn't involve adds or require a bunch of followers, either! It's taken me 10 years of failing and failing hard and LEARNING hard lessons! I want to take your hand & show you the exact formulas and strategies I've learned along the way without the crash-and-burn failures it took to learn 'em! If any of that got your wheels turning, I'd love to invite you to take a peek at my upcoming course Six Figure Feed. & if you sign up for updates, I'll give you a free download of my best selling E-book! How You Can Get 100 Instagram Followers Today!

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