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What's coming for branding in 2022!

You've asked and I've listened! I've got the packages that every one NEEDS.

My new branding packages have something for everyone. From a newbie who just needs a few shots for her website to the VIP queen who wants hair & makeup, a month of photo and video content, and done-for-you strategy automation. I have left nothing out but the stress of having to do all this shit yourself! Spend up to two days in studio with me batching photos and creating handpicked-for-you reels. It all starts with a discovery call. I'll use my diagnostic methods to uncover your unique brand voice, aesthetic and story. From there I'll formulate it into an actionable plan guaranteed to turn followers into paying customers. Guessing what to post will be an issue of the past, because I'll organize it all for you. Here's a sneak peek of the perks from the top package:

  • Full glam. Hair, makeup & mimosas while you get ready.

  • Custom stylist curated outfit selection. Hand picked for you and organized for efficient and quick shooting!

  • One month of planned photos to post taken in my studio and the surrounding, charming downtown Seattle area.

  • Outtake photos for future marketing use.

  • Model search if you'd rather not be the face of your brand

  • One month of curated to your brand batched reel content

  • Hashtags, caption idea starters and story prompts organized in your calendar and ready to post!

  • Your very own strategy plan.

  • Travel options available! Want to meet in palm springs for your branding photos? Arizona? San Francisco? Let's go!

I've done all I can to take the work out of having a presence on social media. Everyone needs it, but when running a friction business, who has time for it? Sure you could hire someone to snap pictures and post, but will they know what they're doing? Not likely to the degree I do! Does this blog post have you frothing at the mouth? Are you ready ready ready? Keep an eye on your inbox, because booking opens up January 1st, baby! xoxo gossip girl

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